MEMS Optical Switch: The Perfect Fit for Your Network Needs

Coreray Optical Communication Technology is a renowned manufacturer of MEMS Optical switches. We're committed to superior performance and high quality. Explore our wide range of MEMS optical switches designed without compromising on reliability. Our MEMS fiber optic switches Are compatible with services in various sectors, such as telecommunication, medical imaging, and industrial control. They offer dependable and High-speed performance. We focus on innovation and client satisfaction. We deliver cutting-edge products to our clients. We offer individual units and bulk orders. Our wholesale prices are ideal for your MEMS Optical Switch needs.


What We Offer?

Coreray's MEMS optical switches have a broad range of applications. They provide lightning-fast switching times, enhancing optical communication system efficiency and performance.


Compact Size and High Integration

Our switches are compact yet highly integrated, ideal for limited-space installations.

Remote Reconfiguration and Epoxy-Free Path

Coreray Optical's MEMS Optical Switches offer the convenience of remote reconfiguration without needing physical patching. It ensures near-zero latency, high-speed performance, low power usage, and significant cost savings. It is achieved through the implementation of epoxy-free paths

Modular Architecture for Future Adaptability

Our Modular design ensures adaptability with multiple configuration options for changing network requirements.

Unparalleled Reliability and Extended Lifetime

Our switches use dependable technology, ensuring durability and a long lifespan to reduce maintenance costs.

Versatility and OEM Compatibility

Our MEMS Optical Switch offers versatile applications and high compatibility with OEM components to meet diverse network needs.



Customer Concerns and Solutions by Coreray Optical

Addressing customer concerns with precision and dedication, Coreray Optical provides innovative solutions to meet the evolving demands of the optical industry.

High Insertion Loss

Customers often experience a significant signal loss with optical switches. Coreray Optical addresses this by continuously improving switch design and materials to minimize insertion loss, ensuring efficient signal routing.

Reliability and Durability

Customers require optical switches to be highly reliable and durable over time. Coreray Optical ensures reliability through robust materials, rigorous quality control, and extensive testing for prolonged, failure-free usage.

Latency and Switching Speed

Ultra-low latency and rapid switching speeds are crucial for many applications. Coreray Optical optimizes switches for fast switching times and minimal latency, employing advanced MEMS technology and control systems.

Scalability and Port Density

As networks evolve, scaling optical switch infrastructure can be challenging. Coreray Optical develops scalable, high-port-density solutions to accommodate growing network demands.


High upfront costs can be a barrier for some customers. Coreray Optical offers cost-effective solutions by optimizing manufacturing processes and providing different product tiers to accommodate varying budget constraints, reducing the wall of high upfront costs for customers.

Fiber Optic Testing with Coreray's MEMS Fiber Optic Switches

Coreray's MEMS switches have ultra-low insertion loss and rapid switching speeds. They enable accurate measurement, signal monitoring, and network quality assurance. These switches are crucial for preserving optical signal integrity during testing. They support the development and maintenance of robust, reliable fiber optic networks.


Top Reasons to Choose Coreray Optical Communication for Your MEMS Optical Switch

Coreray Optical Communication Technology earns a solid reputation for trust and reliability. We are well-known in both local and international markets. Our unwavering commitment to delivering cutting-edge products and exceptional service sets us apart. We take pride in producing and supplying premium-quality MEMS optical switches. Visit our website and fill in the specifications to place your order. We welcome bulk orders at wholesale prices, catering to customers worldwide.

Visit our website and fill in the specifications to place your inquiry. For any questions or assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us. We welcome bulk orders at wholesale prices, catering to customers worldwide. Connect with us today and experience the excellence of Coreray Optical.