1X128 optical switch

Up to 64 channels 
Low loss and high reliability 
Parallel interface (TTL, RS485, RS232) 
Modularized design 
Epoxy-free in the optical path 

Ring network 
Remote monitoring in optical network 
Testing of visual fiber component 


The 1X128 Optical Switch is a high-performance and versatile device designed to meet the demanding requirements of optical networking applications. This solid-state optical switch offers exceptional performance, reliability, and flexibility, making it an ideal choice for various visual switching needs.


  1. Up to 64 Channels: The 1X128 Optical Switch supports 64 channels, allowing for efficient and flexible switching in complex optical network setups.

  2. Low Loss and High Reliability: With its advanced design and precision manufacturing, this optical switch ensures minimal signal loss and excellent reliability, ensuring seamless and uninterrupted optical signal transmission.

  3. Parallel Interface (TTL, RS485, RS232): The switch offers multiple interface options, including TTL, RS485, and RS232, providing compatibility with different control systems and facilitating easy integration into existing network infrastructures.

  4. Modularized Design: The modularized design of the switch enables easy scalability and customization according to specific application requirements. It allows straightforward expansion or reconfiguration of the button to accommodate evolving network needs.

  5. Epoxy-Free in Optical Path: The optical path of the switch is epoxy-free, ensuring optimal signal quality and reducing the risk of signal degradation or interference caused by impurities or reflections.


  1. Ring Network: The 1X128 Optical Switch is well-suited for ring network configurations, offering efficient switching capabilities to establish reliable optical connections and improve network resiliency.

  2. Remote Monitoring in Optical Network: This optical switch enables remote monitoring and control of optical networks, allowing operators to manage and troubleshoot network connectivity easily.

  3. Testing of Fiber Optical Component: The switch can be utilized for testing and evaluation of various fiber optical components, such as transceivers, amplifiers, and passive devices, providing a versatile tool for network optimization and performance assessment.