• Coreray OptiSwitch 1x32

Coreray OptiSwitch 1x32

Up to 64 channels
Low loss and high reliability
Parallel interface (TTL,RS485,RS232)
Modularized design
Epoxy-free in optical path 

Ring network
Remote monitoring in optical network
Testing of fiber optical component


1X32 optical switch


MEMS Technology: The MEMS optical switch utilizes Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) technology, ensuring precise and reliable switching of optical signals.

High Channel Capacity: The 1X32 configuration offers up to 32 channels, allowing for efficient management of multiple optical paths in a single device.

Low Loss and High Reliability: The switch is designed to minimize signal loss, maintaining the integrity and quality of optical transmissions. It provides reliable performance for various optical applications.

Parallel Interface Options: The switch supports multiple parallel interface options, including TTL, RS485, and RS232, providing flexibility for seamless integration with different control systems.

Modular Design: Its modularized design enables scalability and easy maintenance. Additional modules can be added or replaced, allowing for future expansion or configuration changes.

Epoxy-Free in Optical Path: The optical path of the MEMS optical switch is epoxy-free, ensuring minimal signal contamination and maximizing signal fidelity.


Fiber Optic Networks: The MEMS optical switch is widely used in fiber optic networks, enabling efficient switching and routing of optical signals across different paths.

Data Centers: It finds applications for optical signal routing and distribution in data centers, helping optimize network performance and manage bandwidth allocation.

Telecommunications: The switch is crucial in telecommunications infrastructure, facilitating signal switching and routing in optical communication networks.

Test and Measurement: It is utilized in test and measurement setups for evaluating the performance and characteristics of optical components and systems.