Low loss and high reliability
Parallel interface (RS232,RJ45)
Modularized design
Epoxy-free in the optical path

Ring network
Remote monitoring in optical network
Testing of fiber optical component


Features Feature Description
Low loss and high reliability The Phoenix 1XN Optical Switch offers low loss and high reliability, ensuring optimal signal transmission and consistent performance.
Parallel interface It has a parallel interface (RS232, RJ45), allowing easy integration and control with other devices and systems.
Modularized design The switch features a modularized design, offering flexibility in configuration and scalability to meet changing network requirements.
Epoxy-free in the optical path The optical path of the Phoenix 1XN Optical Switch is epoxy-free, minimizing signal degradation and maximizing signal integrity.
Applications Application Description
Ring network The Phoenix 1XN Optical Switch is ideal for ring network applications, enabling seamless data transmission and efficient network connectivity.
Remote monitoring It is well-suited for remote monitoring in optical network systems, allowing real-time monitoring and control of network components for enhanced network management.
Fiber optic component testing The switch is suitable for testing fiber optic components, providing precise and reliable testing capabilities to ensure the performance and quality of optical components.

The Solid State 1XN Optical Switch (Standard Chassis) delivers low loss, high reliability, and versatile functionality for various optical network applications. Its parallel interface, modularized design, and epoxy-free optical path offer seamless integration, flexibility, and improved signal quality. Whether used in ring networks, remote monitoring systems, or fiber optic component testing, the Phoenix 1XN Optical Switch provides reliable performance, efficient connectivity, and precise control for optimized optical network operations.