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Guangxi CORERAY Optical Communication Technology Co.,Ltd is specializing in manufacturing passive components in optical communication. The company has R&D and manufacturing bases in Nanning and Guilin. The 100,000-level clean workshop covers an area of more than 1,500 square meters.

Coreray Never Stop Improving Our Technical innovation, Including Development Methodologies, Engineering Practices.

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Get the Best Optical Components and Switches At Coreray Optical

In this digital era, Coreray Optical stands out as the leading brand of Optical switches. Our commitment to research and development has led us to make reliable optical switches to enhance the needs of our customers. Our dedication manifests in cutting-edge solutions designed to address the ever-evolving challenges and demands of the optical communication landscape.

Solid State Optical Switch: Enhancing Reliability

Data transmission has been made easy with the help of Coreray's Solid State Optical Switches. Unlike traditional mechanical switches prone to wear and tear, the solid-state design makes our switches different from others. With minimum moving parts, our switches have reduced the risk of failure and ensured the highest degree of durability. This innovative approach translates to exceptional operational reliability. With fewer moving parts, malfunctions or breakdowns are drastically minimized. This reduces downtime, meaning your critical systems can operate continuously and uninterrupted. This level of reliability is crucial in various applications, from high-speed telecom networks to mission-critical data centers, where any downtime can have significant consequences.

Key Features:

🌐 Robust solid-state construction

🌐 Reliable signal routing

🌐 Minimal maintenance requirements

MEMS Fiber Optical Switch: Precision in Connectivity

Coreray's MEMS Fiber Optical Switches have broken all the barriers and have emerged as a revolution in the optical components industry. We have utilized the maximum potential of Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) technology. It has helped us to achieve the best possible performance in the components. Coreray's MEMS Switches use microscopic mirrors etched on a silicon chip. The mirrors are tilted using a precise electrical or magnetic control. The tilting directs the light signals with low switching speeds up to sub-milliseconds. It also helps in achieving unparalleled accuracy in the system.

Key Benefits:

🌐 Ultra-fast switching speeds

🌐 High precision and accuracy

🌐 Versatile applications across industries

Advantages of Coreray Optical Communication Technology

Coreray Optical Communication Technology offers several advantages:

🌐 Reliability: Coreray ensures reliable optical connectivity with solid-state and MEMS switches, minimizing downtime and optimizing performance.

🌐 Precision: The precision engineering of Coreray switches guarantees accurate signal routing, which is essential for demanding applications.

🌐 Versatility: Coreray's solutions cater to diverse industry needs, offering versatility and flexibility from telecommunications to research.

🌐 Innovation: Continual innovation drives Coreray's product development, ensuring customers benefit from the latest advancements in optical communication technology.