• MEMS VOA  GZ Best price
  • MEMS VOA  GZ Best price
  • MEMS VOA  GZ Best price

MEMS VOA GZ Best Price

The Coreray Optical Technology MEMS VOA GZ is a high-performance Variable Optical Attenuator designed for precise and accurate attenuation control in optical networks. With its advanced MEMS technology, it offers a fast response time, wide attenuation range, and low insertion loss. The compact and durable design ensures reliability in various applications such as optical network testing, fiber optic communication systems, and optical switching. Coreray Optical Technology is a trusted brand known for its quality optical components and comprehensive customer support.




Optical Network Testing

The MEMS VOA GZ is used for precise and accurate attenuation control in optical network testing applications. It allows for efficient testing and measurement of optical signals without affecting the overall system performance.

Fiber Optic Communication Systems

The MEMS VOA GZ is an essential component in fiber optic communication systems. It enables power adjustment and signal optimization, ensuring reliable and high-quality transmission over long distances.

Optical Switching

The MEMS VOA GZ can be integrated into a MEMS optical switch to control and manage signal levels. It facilitates seamless switching between different optical paths, enhancing flexibility and adaptability in optical networks.

Key Features:

High Attenuation Accuracy

The MEMS VOA GZ offers precise and repeatable attenuation control, allowing for accurate adjustment of signal power levels in optical systems.

Fast Response Time

With its advanced micro-electromechanical system (MEMS) technology, the VOA GZ provides rapid response and attenuation adjustment, minimizing signal disruption and latency.

Wide Attenuation Range

The VOA GZ covers a broad attenuation range, providing flexibility for various applications and signal power levels.

Low Insertion Loss

The MEMS VOA GZ exhibits low insertion loss, minimizing signal degradation and maintaining the integrity of optical transmissions.

Compact and Durable Design

Coreray Optical Technology ensures a compact and robust design for the MEMS VOA GZ, making it suitable for space-constrained environments and ensuring long-term reliability.

Relevant Information

The MEMS VOA GZ is designed and manufactured by Coreray Optical Technology, a leading provider of optical communication solutions.

It complies with industry standards and undergoes rigorous quality testing to ensure optimal performance and reliability.

The VOA GZ can be customized to meet specific customer requirements, including different attenuation ranges and connector options.

Coreray Optical Technology offers comprehensive technical support and customer service to assist with product integration and troubleshooting.

The MEMS VOA GZ is backed by a warranty and is part of Coreray Optical Technology's portfolio of high-quality optical components and systems.