• OptiSwitch-1X2 Prime
  • OptiSwitch-1X2 Prime
  • OptiSwitch-1X2 Prime
  • OptiSwitch-1X2 Prime

OptiSwitch-1X2 Prime

D1X2 Optical switch

Low insertion Loss
Wide Wavelength Range
Low Crosstalk
High Stability, High Reliability    
Epoxy-free on Optical Path
Latching and Non-latching

Metropolitan Area Network
R&D in Laboratory
System Monitoring
Configurable OADM


Features Feature Description
Low Insertion Loss The optical switch offers low insertion loss.
Wide Wavelength Range It has a wide wavelength range.
Low Crosstalk The switch has low crosstalk for minimal interference.
High Stability, High Reliability It provides high stability and reliability.
Epoxy-free on Optical Path The switch has an epoxy-free design in the optical path.
Latching and Non-latching It supports both latching and non-latching operation modes.
Compact Design Its compact design allows for space-saving installation.
Fast Switching Speed The switch has a fast switching speed for seamless operations.
Broad Compatibility It offers broad compatibility with different optical systems.
Durable Construction The switch is highly durable for demanding environments.
Easy Integration It can be easily integrated into existing setups.
Plug-and-Play Installation Its plug-and-play installation capability simplifies setup.
Excellent Signal Quality The switch ensures excellent signal quality.
Long Lifespan It has a long lifespan for reliable performance.
Low Power Consumption The switch operates with low power consumption.
Applications Application Description
Metropolitan Area Network It is commonly used in metropolitan area networks.
Research and Development It is ideal for research and development in laboratories.
System Monitoring It is widely used in system monitoring applications.
Configurable OADM It can be configured as an optical add-drop multiplexer.
Fiber Optic Testing It is commonly employed in fiber optic testing.
Telecommunications It is extensively utilized in telecommunications.
Data Centers It finds applications in data centers.
Optical Signal Routing It is widely used for optical signal routing.
Optical Network Switching It is suitable for optical network switching.
Fiber Optic Network Equipment It is commonly used in fiber optic network equipment.
Research and Development It is extensively utilized in research and development.
Manufacturing and Production It is commonly used in manufacturing and production processes.
Video Broadcasting It finds applications in video broadcasting.
Fiber Optic Sensing Systems It is used in fiber optic sensing systems.
Security and Surveillance It is employed in security and surveillance systems.