1X2 Optical Switch

Low insertion Loss
Wide Wavelength Range
Low Crosstalk
High Stability, High Reliability    
Epoxy-free on Optical Path
Latching and Non-latching

Metropolitan Area Network
R&D in Laboratory
System Monitoring
Configurable OADM



The 1X2 Optical Switch is a high-performance solid-state optical device for efficient and reliable optical signal routing. It offers a range of features that make it suitable for various applications in visual communications.

  1. Low Insertion Loss: The switch ensures minimal insertion loss, allowing for seamless transmission of optical signals without significantly degrading signal quality.

  2. Wide Wavelength Range: With its wide wavelength range compatibility, the switch can effectively handle different wavelengths, making it versatile and adaptable to various optical systems.

  3. Low Crosstalk: The switch exhibits low crosstalk levels, ensuring that the optical signals remain isolated and do not interfere with each other, leading to improved signal integrity.

  4. High Stability, High Reliability: Built with precision and quality, the switch offers high stability and reliability, making it suitable for demanding applications where consistent performance is crucial.

  5. Epoxy-free on Optical Path: The optical path of the switch is epoxy-free, minimizing the risk of signal degradation caused by impurities or reflections, resulting in enhanced signal quality.

  6. Latching and Non-latching: The switch provides both latching and non-latching operation modes, offering flexibility in switching configurations to meet specific system requirements.


  1. Metropolitan Area Network: The 1X2 Optical Switch can be utilized in metropolitan area networks to facilitate efficient and dynamic routing of optical signals, optimizing network performance and flexibility.

  2. R&D in Laboratory: In research and development laboratories, the switch is valuable for conducting experiments, prototyping optical systems, and evaluating different signal routing scenarios.

  3. System Monitoring: The switch plays a crucial role in system monitoring applications, enabling real-time monitoring and control of optical signal paths to ensure reliable and efficient operation.

  4. Configurable OADM: As a key component in Optical Add-Drop Multiplexing (OADM) systems, the switch allows for the flexible configuration of optical paths, enabling efficient add-drop functionality and network optimization.


The 1X2 Optical Switch offers exceptional performance with low insertion loss, wide wavelength range, and high stability. Its epoxy-free optical path ensures signal integrity, while the availability of both latching and non-latching modes enhances flexibility. Whether in metropolitan networks, laboratory research, system monitoring, or OADM applications, this switch provides reliable and efficient optical signal routing capabilities.